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Well, not you specifically, but people you may know. New York Magazine interviewed seniors Bryan Reid, Sam Reisman, and Jesse Horwitz about the best spots around Columbia. Establishments mentioned include Max Caffe (“Hang, Read, and Drink Coffee”) 1020 (“Pickup Spot”) La Negrita (“The Happening Bar”[?]) and Roti Roll (“Late-Night Munchies”).

The Observer, on the other hand, reports much heavier news. English Department heavy-hitter James Shapiro has canceled his legendary seminar “The Book Review,” which aimed to teach future literary critics the art of professional reviewing. Shapiro feels that the downsizing of book review departments and the Internet Age have nearly destroyed the opportunities for young and unknown reviewers to get paid for their work.  Thank goodness Amazon reviews the finer things in life.

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  1. i dont understand

    how these kids can pick for the rest of columbia when ive never heard of em
    also being hipsters, they kinda have it wrong when they thing la negrita is the hopping spot and 1020 is the spot to go to hook up (all bout cannons) time they should choose people who acutally represent the columbia community

  2. Harmony Hunter  

    haha! entertaining article bwog!

    no but seriously are any of these establishments near or around harmony? what does harmony look like?

  3. Oh My God:  

    I love you, Sam Reisman.

  4. FAIL

    wow... there's absolutely no coverage of both latino heritage month AND queer awareness opening events?!? well, glad you got important items posted, like the food truck.

  5. Nobler  

    Horwitz and Reisman have been telling me where to go for years.

  6. did anyone  

    click on the amazon link? that gallon of milk costs 70 fucking dollars!

  7. 09 alum

    I saw these comments assumed this Harmony Hall thing and assumed it was a reference to some kind of movie or something, because "Harmony Hall" does not sound like something you'd find at Columbia.

  8. hahaha

    please tell me sam what have you done of note, besides being a hipster hahahahahahahaha

  9. Anonymous  

    Did no one else notice that if you click through the milk link, that the people who bought the expensive milk also bought "How to Live with a Huge Penis: Advice, Meditations, and Wisdom for Men Who Have Too Much."

    I'm still giggling like an Austrian school girl.

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