Sometimes you just have to call it quits, pull up stakes, and head home to greener pastures. A number of people are doing just that this weekend, and Bwoglines brings you their stories.

You know you must not be wanted when even Gov. David Paterson is worried you’ll make him unpopular. (Gothamist) 

Speaking of the governor, Paterson just got an “It’s not me, it’s you” letter from Obama. Guess our favorite be-bearded, Senate-stymied, cocaine-use-admitting gubernatorial alumnus won’t be sticking around Albany much longer. Class Day speaker, anyone? (NY Times)

Among other politicans you won’t be seeing again for a long, long time: John Edwards. (Daily Intelligencer)

The one guy not leaving the scene any time soon? NYU President John Sexton—at least, not until 2016, by which point PrezBo will have already retired to a 10 p.m. primetime talkshow slot. (NYULocal)

But, for everyone else who managed to survive this week in New York: stay safe, work hard, and keep plucking that chicken. (City Room)