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cat at sunriseYesterday the Museum of the City of New York opened a new exhibit celebrating the city’s “ultimate movers and shakers” in the last 400 years.  But where is PrezBo in the list? (Museum of the City of New York)

MMA wants to meet everyone and see everything.  She’s even planning office hours! (Spec)

Everyone’s pointing fingers downtown.  One day before memorial services begin, construction on the Freedom Tower 1 World Trade Center has halted. (NY1)

Apparently there are people who actually read the emailed security alerts.  Advice: don’t let sketchy people follow you into buildings. (Spec)

Dancers took over Sixth Avenue Wednesday night for the VMA rehearsals.  Cabbies were shaking fists but tourists were snapping pics.  Dr. Clarke was nowhere to be seen. (MTV)

Image via Flickr