You really are here, and it’s beginning to set in. You are back in class, back in Lerner, and back in line at Hamdel (as Bwog noted early last night). Don’t feel so bad about it though, Bwog will keep you company as you “take notes” (or not) on your laptop. And don’t forget to try your hand at coming up with something wittier than “Morning Roundup” in the comments.


Now that we’re back, it’s high time we decided who should own that other part of Morningside. (Spec)

President Obama: Education is good. Oh, also, it doesn’t matter that you go to an Ivy League school if you don’t show up to class! (CNN)

New York City’s Public Schools reopen today, parents happy to be rid of them. (Gothamist)

In a flurry of magnanimous transparency appropriate to the start of a brand new school year, the administration still won’t tell us what’s going on with Massad. (Spec)

And Hermione obviously should have come to Columbia, where she would fit in more, and perhaps even eclipse James Franco. Plus, E!News actualy called their piece Emma Watson’s “Brown Out.” (CNN, NYPost)