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Overheard: How Not to Introduce Yourself

Overheard in Hartley:

Awkward Freshman #1: Hey, I really like your shirt.  MIA’s awesome.

Awkward Freshman #2: Hey thanks!  You know, it’s crazy how many people know her here, I didn’t expect it.

Awkward Freshman #1: Yeah, well she’s pretty big in Paris, so…

Welcome to the LLC, where you’ll find out that you’re not so special after all.

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  • Vomit says:

    @Vomit I’m so glad I’m not a freshman tool anymore.

    1. haha says:

      @haha Haha, so does this now make you a sophomore tool?

  • really? says:

    @really? i love you bwog, but did this really warrant a post? freshmen introductions are already awkward enough, without having people read about it…

  • clg says:

    @clg i consider my freshman self a different creature.

  • huh says:

    @huh I don’t get it. Please explain

  • hmmm says:

    @hmmm LLC? Welcome to COLUMBIA, where you’ll find out that you’re not so special after all

  • whahhhhh says:

    @whahhhhh dont get it

  • yeah says:

    @yeah First of all, MIA is REALLY popular. No one should be surprised that “a lot of people know her here.” Second, her big-ness in Paris has no logical relation to her popularity at Columbia. That is the joke.

  • frosh 1 says:

    @frosh 1 is right though. mia is huge in paris. i was at some non descript curry place and the owner’s 8-year-old daughter had “jimmy” as her ring-tone. and i dont even know how to get ring-tones, fml

    1. lookatme says:

      @lookatme Ohhh, you say you were at “some non descript curry place” when you simply could have left that part out? You’re the joke now!

      1. seriously?? says:

        @seriously?? the point of calling it a nondescript curry place is to point out MIA’a apparent ubiquity in Paris.

    2. wat says:

      @wat wish I could have an ‘authentic’ experience like you did.

      rock on

    3. man says:

      @man i was at a extraordinarily unusual curry place in paris and the 8 year old daughter did not have jimmy as her ringtone. now i feel as if i have missed out on a learning experience..

      1. Sandy says:

        @Sandy The only currying going on here is that of favor. amirite folks?

  • uhh says:

    @uhh sounds like normal non-awkward conversation to me

  • umm says:

    @umm that wasn’t funny

  • maybe says:

    @maybe Perhaps fresh #1 is from Paris, in which case his/her knowing of MIA isn’t particularly noteworthy. Not a douchey reference either, unless you consider it douchey to reference the city that you’re from.

    1. bob says:

      @bob agreed. i fail to smell the douche

  • Martin says:

    @Martin Hello everybody, this is the actual freshman #1 speaking. I’d like to clarify a couple things:
    1. Je viens de Paris.
    2. Je parlais à un ami, donc ce n’était pas une introduction “awkward.”
    3. La conversation n’était pas telle qu’elle est présentée.
    4. If you don’t get that, maybe you should consider that my reference to Paris is legit: I’m French.

  • yeah says:

    @yeah That’s why the call French “the language of copyrights”

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