As those of us who prefer our underwear soft and downy have noticed, the Columbia laundry rooms have recently undergone major renovations.  Many of the washers and dryers have been replaced with high-efficiency models; some of the Flex readers still are not functioning, and, most notably for students, the price per load in all machines has been raised from $1.00 to $1.25.

But there are reasons for the price increase! Housing Services tells Bwog, “Laundry at Columbia has been $1.00 for almost 10 years. The costs of water, electricity, and labor have gone up significantly in the past two years.” They also helpfully pointed out that off-campus laundromats are significantly higher-priced, so the price is still comparatively a bargain.  

As for the new washers and the dead Flex machines, the overhaul was part of a larger effort to “make the spaces feel roomier, brighter, and welcoming,” and happened to be a prime opportunity to go green: the new washers represent some of the most energy-efficient on the market, and save twenty gallons per cycle compared to the old models.  Rewiring the machines, says Housing Services, “took longer than originally expected. We are continuing to tackle each issue and bring all the Flex machines online as soon as possible.” But before you start grumbling, take a moment to realize that that you can now wash your delicates separately without killing a polar bear.  It’s a deal! A few closeups of the sparkling new John Jay machines after the jump.

– DRF & AB, photos by HEH