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Tastes Like Chicken

Bwog hears rumor of free Dinosaur Barbecue outside of EC at noon today. No word yet on why, or who we have to thank for this fatty, saucy benevolence, but go! Leave your Butler carrels and grab some before it becomes, er… extinct.

Update: Ever intrepid, Bwog braved gusty autumn winds in pajamas and flip-flops to get to the place where the barbecue sauce flows like water and the pineapple shakes never dry up… only to be informed by an RA that the food is for East Campus and Wien residents only. There’s a decent sized line, but it was moving quickly and supplies seemed to be holding out. EC and Wien residents, don your slippers and shuffle out there- as for everyone else, depending on how hungry and/or broke you are, it may still be worth it to don your best lonely-Wien-kid costume and see what you can get.

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