Hundreds of eager Columbians joined President Bollinger early this morning for the 8th Annual Fun Run, a spirited 5K jaunt through Riverside Park. The wannabe Olympians began the run on College Walk, headed south to the 96th street tennis courts, and turned back to the finish line where they were greeted by a resplendent view of New Jersey. The T-shirts were free; the body odor was legendary.

Though most of us are apt to ignore anything that happens at 8:30 am, this year’s Fun Run was very successful, with beautiful weather and participation to boot. At least one member of the cross country team set a new personal record for the 5K, several men over the age of fifty proved that they were still faster than many college students, and—most importantly—much fun was had by all. Bwog Sweatiness Bureau Chief (and new daily editor) Dan Flicker was there, camera in hand, to chronicle the event:

PrezBo assumes the “third grade orator” pose.



Run away! Run away from the light!

“Whoops, it’s Harlem. I’d better turn around.

“Yo, dudes, this old guy convinced me to run to death metal, and it’s AWESOME!”

Columbia administration’s rejected slogan for the annual Christmas party.