Contest Time: Be A Powersuite!

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If you live in a suite and/or are a glutton for fame, the Blue&White wants YOU! For the upcoming Harvest issue, we are writing about several living arrangements we’ve dubbed ‘Powersuites’– suites with students who are all involved in one activity, are notable campus folk, or otherwise engaged in an interesting living situation. If you think your suite fits the bill, send an email to bweditors@columbia.edu and tell us why you should join the formidable ranks of the Powersuites.

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  1. lame  

    This is fucking lame.

  2. Number one  

    Most unwarranted negative Bwog comment on all time.

  3. dear lame:  

    that you're probably a senior and you live in a wien single :*(

  4. Harmony Hunter  

    not sure if harmony even has suites because i can't find it :(

  5. what  

    in the world is that picture. The best part is the trucker and creepy priest in sunglasses looking on from the side.

  6. aw poo  

    Half of my suite is a Powersuite. I don't think that counts.

  7. seriously?  

    yeah, let's massage more campus asshole's egos. Great. Can't wait to read this.

  8. ha I read that as  

    let's massage more campus egos' assholes

  9. speaking of "meta"  

    I nominate Metta house, and I'm not even in it.

  10. 2011  

    this is obviously sue (CCSC), scott (ABC), melissa (CCSC), james (Elections Board)and heather (Model UN, Pickering Scholar) in EC

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