Only Three Hours Left!

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It’s been in the top stories box for weeks now, but the score is 45% to 55%, and the golden hour is now upon us. It’s true; Our Big Purple Neighbor is currently winning NBC’s Best University in NYC poll, and if we don’t fight back now NYU will take both the bragging rights and the beer-bellied “local” dressed in gold as trophies.

In light of what’s at stake, Bwog implores you to vote (now!) for Columbia if you haven’t already. Even if you have, Bwog’s Online Poll Cheating experts say you may be able to vote twice or more if your IP address changes depending on where you hook up to the internet on or around campus. You may also be able to vote twice if your great great aunt was from Chicago. So go on, vote!

Polls close at 2pm today.

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  1. Ben Austin

    It would help if you included a link!

  2. top of the page  

    that's where it is

  3. But seriously

    One small vote link at the bottom is not good. Hyperlink the picture, put a link up top. Put it in the middle. We need this Bwog!

  4. uhhh...

    nyu has twice the number of students (and about 250% of our undergraduate population) and they are only winning by ten percent...

    • Yo  

      SEAS comp sci, help us cheat here - somebody write some code that changes the perceived IP addresses and submits an enormous number of votes per hour ... nobody at NYU knows any math (/anything employable) so this is all upside for us

      thanks guys

      • ...  

        uh... they have courant which is one of the best known and top rated math programs in the world.

        i'm voting for nyu just because columbia is stocked with people like you.

        • you are  

          so smug. I'm voting for NYU just because Columbia is stocked with people like you.

        • Alum

          Courant is good, but not as good as you seem to think. NYU's math program is considered only slightly stronger than Columbia's, and Columbia has the advantage over NYU in computer science.

          • ...  

            fair enough, but it sure is a far cry from "nobody at NYU knows any math" and for some ignorant undergraduate at columbia to say something like that only serves to prove that popular contempt for places like columbia is grounded in reality.

            and to be frank, the undergraduate computer science programs at both schools suck. nyu is a bit below average, and columbia is solidly average, on par with say, suny stony brook.

          • Alum

            I agree that the comment about NYU was juvenile and arrogant. But don't overgeneralize about Columbia from the fact that some of its students make such ignorant statements about NYU. People at NYU say similar things about Columbia, too, and I don't think the problem is worse uptown than it is downtown.


            Given that Columbia actually is much stronger than NYU in most fields, there is at least more truth in such comments when they come from CU students. That doesn't make the comments appropriate, but it does make them less inappropriate.

            And I can't agree that Columbia's CS program is average. It may be average among top universities, but it is far above average overall. I don't know where NYU's would fall in such a comparison except that it would be below Columbia. Its program could still be well above average overall.

          • ...  

            are you the same "Alum" that posted a comment today about the peta story on WSN?

          • Alum

            Nope. I'm not even sure what WSN is.

    • teehee...  

      kind of funny that percentage of students voting matters all of a sudden; it was somehow disregarded when coverage concerned ccsc election.

  5. AHH  


  6. cmon  

    vote vote vote! you can do it multiple times.

  7. wow

    made a jump from 45 to 47% (~ plus a few hundred votes). not enough but still pretty good :)

  8. we deserve to lose  

    "nyu one because the student population.."

    one? ONE??
    jesus christ.

    I thought we were supposed to be ivy league.

  9. Why are you surpised?  

    Columbia is not the best university in new york. It may have a good name, but the location sucks, there's too much work, and the location sucks. Morningside is more like a suburb than a part of Manhattan.

  10. wtf  

    how the hell did this happen? Last time I checked, we were in the 90s! whatever, nbc couldn't even produce grammatically correct blurbs.

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