A Ruckus for Sukkos

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If you’re in Butler and were wondering why people are happy outside your window, look no further than Low Plaza where over a hundred happy Jews are dancing with torahs. It’s the last night of the harvest holiday of Sukkot, and revelers are linking arms, singing and rejoicing over the crops they have reaped this season over restarted torahs (simchat torah). Huzzah! Bwoggers are on the scene, pictures to follow. 

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  1. Not Sukkot

    It's Simhat Torah, not Sukkot.

  2. am i  

    the only one on campus tired of getting stopped and asked to do jewy things just because i'm visibly jewish? i have to plan my route to classes around avoiding it

    • you are not alone

      Plus, they don't believe that I'm Christian. One girl actually repeatedly told me, "your mother HAS to be jewish" after I had sworn up and down to the contrary. I guess I should call my parents and ask if i'm adopted.

  3. asdf  

    that stuff scared the sh*t out of me... chanting, stomping, running around in circles, dancing around alma mater... wow.

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