Rita Hollander, Get Thee to Kent!

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A CUID deity has fallen.

Fraudulent CUID detective John Nordin has tipped that Rita Hollander’s ID– the CUID to which we are all meant to aspire– has expired! As of May 2009, the robotic Ms. Hollander, the (semi) anonymous face of the CUID, is no longer a registered member of the Columbia community. It’s going to be humiliating when she gets turned away at the Butler security desk. We’ll see you in Cafe 212, Rita.


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  1. um...  

    who the fuck cares? Normally I try and defend Bwog's articles as best I can but this is fucking retarded.

  2. yeah

    Who is worse? A flamer or a person who flames a flamer?

  3. Um.

    Deity, bwog. I'm assuming you mean deity.

  4. I'd say  

    she can't be an anonymous face if we know her name - regardless of how fake the name and/or the face may be.

  5. Varun  

    haha, funny post, Bwog! I appreciate the light-hearted humor; this definitely brightened up my day!

  6. wat  

    boring post is boooring

  7. haha,

    funny post, Varun! I appreciate the over-the-top optimism; this definitely brightened my day!

  8. my heart  

    belongs to Carrie A. Card

  9. hehehe  

    this, for once, is really funny.

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