Bwoglines: Everyone Saves Weird News for Sundays

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Another day, another scandalized hedge fund—but this one’s got a funky fresh hip dope rap song! (New York Post)

Relax—you’re probably not late for your train. (New York Times)

Conan O’Brien settles the feud nobody knew he had with Newark, New Jersey, because the city’s just too darn charming to stay mad at. (Gothamist)

A gas leak in a Brooklyn housing project will force residents to do all their holiday cooking on hot plates. This is terrible. (New York Post)

Bono and his ellipses…his thoughts on development + poverty + security…rebranding…return to the Times op-ed page. (New York Times)


Photo: New York Times

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  1. Woah

    Bwog, those of us who actually like funny television DEFINITELY knew that Conan was having this feud because we have been watching the funniest man on television. We were not watching the decidedly un-funny Letterman talk about how he is a philandering jack ass.

  2. trains

    The headline about trains is interesting. Any traveler knows that they often do not leave on time, and it is nice to know that this is done, to a certain extent, with commuters in mind. That said, some trains will leave quite late, but stand in the station with their doors closed after the scheduled departure time.

    • #1 train?  

      Is that why the #1 train slams its doors shut just as the #2 or #3 pulls into 96th Street... so that you cannot make the transfer, have to wait 20 minutes for another train, but still have the satisfaction of seeing that a subway trains really does move out of the station from time to time?

      • i'm pretty sure...  

        That the subway timetables are just totally off anyway. They have terrible turnaround times at the terminal points and just are generally inaccurate, the article is mostly referring to commuter transit I'd imagine, so, sorry about the 1 train.

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