Bwoglines: Mo Money, Mo Problems

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Even though it looks like the MTA may lose $113 million in state funds, fare increases seem to be the least likely option. (NYT)

What better way for the city to spend $14 million than to have custodians open and close schoolyard gates? (NYP)

Although a new private elementary school founded by “high-powered mothers” (including a professor of psychiatry at Columbia) costs $28,500 a year to attend, it could be the best option for some students who can’t get a spot in NYC’s coveted gifted programs. (NYT)

Ever wanted to watch a Yankees playoff game in Yankee Stadium for free? Well now you can! It’s just a shame the actual players will be a few time zones away. (1010WINS)

President Obama is likely to be in Manhattan tomorrow! Sadly, no, not to visit his Alma Mater, but to thank the FBI and NYPD for dismantling an alleged terror plot. (NY1)

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    have like 5000000 posts with this name. STEP YOUR GAME UP.

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    Nora is a Fat Bastard
    Nora is a Sexy Angel
    Nora is a Totalitarian State

  3. But..  

    does that mean...less money, less problems? Can't be, since giving all our money to China hasn't really done anything for the economy.

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