Free Food and Wilders

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A number of free food events fill this Wednesday evening, so many that we’re going to split the listings into two posts. Starting in right now in Lerner Party Space, QuAM is hosting “panelists from across the political spectrum” to talk about LGBTQ issues, with chips, soda, and cookies to help the discussion go down easily.

Later, at 7, Stressbusters are offering free back rubs and food in the Broadway lobby, to help you get over all those midterm-related repetitive motion injuries. More study breaks to come soon.

Also, adding a dose of free controversy, controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders is speaking tonight at 8:30 in IAB, though GOPers tell us to get there early. His speech last night at Temple was cut short due to crowd trouble, so though Wilders has agreed to focus his talk on free speech, fireworks are not exactly unlikely.

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  1. also free pizza  

    in ec 2nd floor lounge. there's like no one there and there's SO MUCH PIZZA

  2. geert  

    did you have to reserve tickets in advance for geert wilders or can you just go?

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