CAVA Ambulance in Accident at 116th and Broadway

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Just after 9, CAVA’s ambulance was involved in an accident at 116th and Broadway.  Emergency personnel are still on the scene dealing with victims in the other vehicle; at least one of its three four passengers has been taken to the hospital in a neck brace.

Observers at the scene and email tipsters tell Bwog that the CAVA ambulance was sitting on 116th before turning out into traffic. Unfortunately, the ambulance started to turn “UP into downtown traffic,” and when trying to U-turn, “T-boned the little black car.” While NYC emergency personnel are still there, the CAVA ambulance has been driven away. More to follow.

UPDATE (10:20 PM): Normal service/traffic has been resumed, with the CAVA ambulance returned to its normal place, and the victims in the other car taken to St. Luke’s. 

– JCD, photo by HEH

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  1. So does this mean  

    University lawyers are ambulance chasers?

  2. yeah  

    Another sad irony. Not to make fun of the seriousness of the situation. It looked pretty serious walking by. I don't know what could lead to that kind of a driving error, but I'm sure it can happen

  3. what  

    a joke CAVA is, 'helping' by dragging drunk kids to the hospital and now injuring people

  4. Well,

    .. the black car hit the ambulance.

  5. ...  

    i heard that members of CAVA felt slighted by what they perceived as an assertion of absolute control by traffic signs.

  6. Conspiracy Theory  

    I say CAVA staged the whole thing to drum up more business. New York Presbyterian has so been eating away at their market share.

  7. Spec

    Spec has more thorough reporting on this, and gives a very different case...one that, frankly, sounds more believable, and lays the blame on the car: http://www.columbiaspectator.com/2009/10/23/breaking-four-injured-collision-between-car-and-cava-ambulance

    And I am a complete Bwog loyalist who always comes to Bwog before Spec.

  8. Sean  

    The Spec story is totally wrong. I was on the corner of 116th and Bway on the NW side when this happened. CAVA was driving all kinds of crazy. CAVA tried to make a huge u-turn in the middle of the intersection at 116th and Bway, and after sort of going north in the downtown lane, they came back around and slammed into a car that was trying to get out of its way.

  9. Bystander  

    The CAVA bus was stationary when it was struck by the black car.

  10. isn't the speed limit

    on NYC streets 30 mph? I'm sorry, but nobody should be "slamming" into anyone at 30 mph. It doesn't matter how messed up CAVA was or was not driving at the time, if that car was going fast enough to not be able to react in time, then they were way over the speed limit (like every other car on Broadway, especially the taxis) and thus, sucks to be them, are equally responsible.

  11. ugh

    Bwog your reporting sucks! CAVA was struck by the car doing the usual drill, a legal U-turn with traffic on 116th. The black car (with illegally tinted windows, btw) hit the ambulance. Good thing none of the students doing their job was injured by this maniac.

  12. (Former Dean) Quigley  

    so the CAVA ambulance was trying to get its go-go-gadget helicopter up, but it misfired and didn't start in time. The propeller was launched from the top of the ambulance into the side of the car, it was kind of like the reverse of that scene from Live Free or Die Hard. Also, the black car was a decepticon that was putting on some extra juice to make the light because it was chasing the cube which was carried by the firetruck (which no one has mentioned, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!). But all of this was a diversion put on by Michael Bay to cover for Michael Moore who is currently doing a mockumentary on Bollinger who is a chain-smoking fiend and secret besties with the president of Iran (They've slept in the same bed before, head to toe to prevent accidental spooning). So really, the ambulance malfunction and subsequent accident are being grossly misreported and BWOG is TOTALLY missing the real story. (Bollinger wrote Iran So Faraway FOR Samberg.)

  13. quigster  

    here it is, you can spot his hands at around 1:30. it's like at the end of Passion of the Christ when the resurrected Jesus' hands are actually Mel Gibson's


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