Just after 9, CAVA’s ambulance was involved in an accident at 116th and Broadway.  Emergency personnel are still on the scene dealing with victims in the other vehicle; at least one of its three four passengers has been taken to the hospital in a neck brace.

Observers at the scene and email tipsters tell Bwog that the CAVA ambulance was sitting on 116th before turning out into traffic. Unfortunately, the ambulance started to turn “UP into downtown traffic,” and when trying to U-turn, “T-boned the little black car.” While NYC emergency personnel are still there, the CAVA ambulance has been driven away. More to follow.

UPDATE (10:20 PM): Normal service/traffic has been resumed, with the CAVA ambulance returned to its normal place, and the victims in the other car taken to St. Luke’s. 

– JCD, photo by HEH