Hello, Food Network!

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Quick, if you head over to Broadway outside of Ricky’s right now, you’ll not only find our favorite Wafels and Dinges truck, but you may even get onto a Food Network show! Shooting a pilot for a new “Street Eats” show, they’re profiling the man behind the truck right here outside campus. You can even sign a release form!

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  1. nope

    I'm sure it's for throwdown with bobby flay instead.

  2. just  

    don't wear your keffiyehs

  3. btdt

    #1 is right--throwdown needs to come up with better stories, they've used the "street food" thing a few times already. worth checking them out if only for the free double portions at the end!

  4. ...  

    you know, it was kinda cute at first, but this whole "upscale street food" craze that is simultaneously sweeping pretty much every american city now is starting to get a bit annoying.

    this guy gets it right. : )

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