Bwoglines: Delusions of Grandeur Edition

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gracelandAndrew Cuomo v.  the President of 9/11 (NY Post).

The University Senate gets meta (Spec).  

There’s something in the water at Harvard (Gawker). 

The Office of Multicultural Affairs: Where Everyone Knows Your Name  (Spec).

Rachel Ray saves the world with whole-wheat flatbread and free-range chicken (CityRoom).

Hipsters worry that Williamsburg = Belfast circa 1970 (NY Daily News).

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  1. Ugh  

    The OMA = PC Police

  2. what does OMA do?  

    wants to know.

  3. CC '09

    i went to a few of their discussions and surprisingly found them one of the most useful times while i was at columbia. it wasn't about being PC at all. actually folks were always open about their experiences, frustrations, and even disagreements with the topic. it was one of the few places i could really talk about class or how i struggle with the blatant homophobia in my religion.

    to be honest, as a white guy, i wouldn't have gone if a friend didn't drag me. she had gone to their alternative speak trip and some conference they had and loved them. i'm glad i was able to check out a few oma things in my senior year, but i think i would've gotten a lot more if i knew about it earlier. the office needs to work on its promotion to all students.

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