Dress to Impress in Our Costume Contest

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Tonight and tomorrow night, many of you will be affixing costumes or cardboard or facepaint to yourselves, sacrificing sartorial control to the great Gods of Halloween.

So, Bwog’s announcing our third annual Halloween Costume Contest, in which you are invited to send us photographs of your chilling and charming outfit this evening. Favorites from last year included “an NYU student” and xkcd characters (at right).

Photographs will be posted, a winner will be selected, and a free king-sized candy bar of the winner’s choice will given to this person by Bwog.

Send entries to [email protected] by midnight tomorrow.

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  1. Previous Contest Winner  

    good luck getting that candy bar anytime soon. BWOG still owes me a tee from last year from winning the comment contest. Bunch of liars and bullies.

  2. Hooah

    This is the saddest comment section ever because the poster and his friends have no idea that there is a track button. I am so embarrassed for them I am going to go cry now.

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