C’mon, You Know That Costume’s Good

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With Halloween being on a Saturday, it’s as if everyone got a do-over with their costumes tonight. So there’s no excuse: send us your best costumes to [email protected] by midnight tomorrow, and hope for yet another piece of candy. 

Oh, and apparently Daylight Saving Time ends tonight? Not cool. Not cool at all. Never mind, we’re idiots; tonight’s the night when you get an extra hour (not when you lose an hour). Spend it wisely.

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  1. fyi bwog

    this is the good daylight savings adjustment. more sleep and more sunlight. it almost makes winter seem more tolerable. almost.

  2. sun goes down at 4 PM  

    sun goes down really early in the afternoon after we change our clocks back tonight...

  3. What's up

    With all the police on broadway?

  4. WTF  

    Seriously what happened? All the police said was that a party got too big; that doesn't seem to be the full story...

  5. yes indeed  

    i heart tom stewart.

  6. so you can remember

    it's fall behind, spring ahead.

  7. tom stewart

    I like to regularly use enemas.

  8. well  

    you are supposed to make fun of and act annoyed at daylight savings time every time it changes, regardless of any actual benefits it may or may not have.

  9. the airplane

    only an in denial douche could mistake an airplane for an actual douche.

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