All of the puns regarding Governor Paterson’s push for a state soda tax have been made already, but the whole thing is still rather silly. (NY Post)

Someone you might actually look up to spars with ex-girlfriend on Page 6. (NY Post)

Graffiti on the High Line – juvenile rebellion or historic artifact? (City Room)

According to the judge, former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik did some bad stuff. According to WABC 7’s Bill Ritter, this “Top Cop” is now a “Top Cock.” (NY Times, Gothamist)

Despite a previous cat fight, the ladies will try to show maturity and poise when Sarah Palin appears on The Oprah Winfrey Show. (Drudge Report,

Nothing like a nice reasoned, mature discussion about the existence of God… on a subway platform? (CNN)