Feeling sleepy and stingy at the same time?  Need we even ask?

Starbucks, mother of all things bohemian, is offering a free tall coffee to anyone daring enough to take the VIA Taste Challenge in participating branches through this coming Monday.  As the latest promotion for its newly released instant coffee, VIA Ready Brew, the challenge is meant to prove that instant coffee can, in fact, taste just like drip coffee if you hold your nose tightly enough while drinking it.

Senior caffeine addict Jonathan Hill, who took the taste test earlier today, claims that “VIA tastes dramatically better than that noxious powder in the orange-lidded jars,” referring to the competitor brand Sanka.  However, “VIA is still instant coffee.  I would liken it to the innovation that Coke Zero brought to sugar-free sodas—it’s not a dead-ringer for the real thing, but it’s refreshingly close.”

Coming Soon: Make your morning even more enjoyable with Instant Kahlua.