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“The Adventures of the Balloon Boy”

And now for something that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day: three Columbia seniors pay a musical tribute to the Balloon Boy saga:

It may not be the best in autotuning or dancing, but dammit, the chorus is catchy enough to be third on NYMag’s Top Five Balloon Boy Tribute Songs

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  • THIS says:

    @THIS is SO great! Make it viral!

  • Ben ben ben says:

    @Ben ben ben you are so great

  • Joey says:

    @Joey is CUTE! Anyone know which way he swings?

    Pleaseeee be gay!

  • ugh says:

    @ugh that is so annoying.

    And the thing is, these a cappella kids are the ones who will go on to write more annoying things for profit at disney and abc family and then you’ll have to deal with your kids channeling them one day. peter pan manboys who will forever haunt the airwaves.

    stop them now before they can do more harm.

    1. wow, says:

      @wow, #4, if you’re bitter and jaded at this age, i’d hate to see you if you ever have kids.

      stop shitting on something that was supposed to be cute and harmless, and go get a life.

      anyways, JOEY BEN AND RICK YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

      and no, i’m not an a capella kid.

    2. love you ugh says:

      @love you ugh these kids are friends with AJ pascua (the one who made racist comments about Harlem), thus by default they suck as well.

  • ahahaha says:

    @ahahaha nice little ray of joy in the midst of these awful midterms. thanks guys

  • lol says:

    @lol joey “i got a nosejob but lie about it and deleted all my pre-nosejob photos on facebook” goldberg is one of the gayest people i know, along with those other two in the video.

    and yes, ben is.

    1. haters says:

      @haters BACK OFF!!

    2. UGH says:

      @UGH I hate all of you haters. Do you even know any of these people personally? You’re just jealous because they do creative things with their lives that get attention, unlike you, who can just sit behind your computer and wallow in your solitude.

      please go away and let this be what this is: a fun little video made by columbia students in the middle of this midterm stress. take your hate elsewhere.

    3. seriously? says:

      @seriously? you’re a dickheaded, resentment pustering nipple of an ugly cruella deville.

      and you’re totally a jealous gay.

  • LOVE this! says:

    @LOVE this! great video. love you joey!!

  • yay says:

    @yay Joey! This is great!

  • in the words of miranda says:

    @in the words of miranda HATERS BACK OFF

  • science major says:

    @science major This is cool I guess, but where do these guys get the time?!

    1. Oh and says:

      @Oh and I def know that at least 2 of these guys are science majors too…Rick is in SEAS.

  • awesome says:

    @awesome you guys are hysterical. this is amazing.

  • amazing!! says:

    @amazing!! Ugh, love it. hilarious.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Hahhahah way too funny. Good work guys; this definitely brightened my day!

  • HECK YES!! says:

    @HECK YES!! joey please get famous!!!

    1. oh he will says:

      @oh he will i sincerely believe he will be famous .. i mean how could someone with that much talent not hit it big?

  • funny part is the nymag says:

    @funny part is the nymag didn’t mention this fact

  • RECAP PLEASE says:

    @RECAP PLEASE what did Pascua say?!?!

    1. he said... says:

      @he said...

      basically that harlem was scary because its predominantly black

  • Dear Rick says:

    @Dear Rick MARRY ME.

  • OMG VARUN says:

    @OMG VARUN Shut the fuck up.

    1. Tool Central = says:

      @Tool Central = Varun

      1. umm says:

        @umm you should probably rethink your definition of tool…varun is one of the most genuine people i have ever met in my entire life.

  • hahah i know all of them says:

    @hahah i know all of them and still do think these things,
    but thanks for that

  • good says:

    @good effort on their part – and a welcome distraction from midterms. bwog haters have been and always will be tools. not worth getting heated about it though

    still, as far as the song is concerned, I think jay says it best:

  • When GOD comes says:

    @When GOD comes down from heaven to judge us, who do you think he will damn first, Joey and co. in the video, or the rest of us?

    1. balloon boy says:

      @balloon boy will he come down in a big shiny balloon? or will it just be a ploy for to have a new reality show starring god?

  • holy moly says:

    @holy moly ben velez is a fuckin god

  • all i know is says:

    @all i know is obama lies…balloon boy dies.

  • Harmony Hunter says:

    @Harmony Hunter maybe I can ask these guys where Harmony is :-p

  • BWOG says:

    @BWOG Where are all your posts in the last four days? This has been a really weak showing. You’re barely even a blog anymore you update so infrequently.

    1. Wait says:

      @Wait seriously, Bwog. Why have you sucked so much lately?

      1. Wait says:

        @Wait seriously asshole, why did you feel the need to say the same thing again two hours later in reply to yourself?

        1. Wait says:

          @Wait seriously, because I am really concerned about how Bwog is letting all of us down. But also because I changed locations so I didn’t think the tracker would track me and I wanted to give twice as much credit to my point.

  • it's on msnbc says:

    @it's on msnbc

    pretty sweet. on the rachel maddow show

  • ldog says:

    @ldog ahhhh rick i love youuu you are too cute

  • Oh silly fools... says:

    @Oh silly fools... in our anger we seem to have overlooked the true spirit of this post: balloon boy is alive! he wasn’t even in the balloon!

  • hey bwog says:

    @hey bwog no reporting on the meeting that happened tonight in response to rajat roy’s controversial spec article spec?

    1. Too bad it says:

      @Too bad it was kind of a pointless meeting…

      They did icebreakers for an hour and a half and ultimately all said that they should do more events with other groups.

  • this is why says:

    @this is why i love columbia

  • I WANT says:

    @I WANT the sound file!!!! where cans get?

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