According to the recently released Annual Fire Safety and Security Report for 2009, Columbians can sleep more soundly this year than ever before: the on-campus crime rate has decreased compared to 2006-2008, all buildings have been found to comply with the NYC Fire Code, and the University has received an A grade in the (apparently) prestigious Reader’s Digest survey on university campus safety.

James McShane, Vice President of Columbia Public Safety, released the document to the Columbia community yesterday. In his introduction to the report, McShane lauded Columbia’s “extremely low crime rate for an urban university,” and emphasized the importance of maintaining a good relationship with surrounding neighborhoods. How the recent spate of assaults and robberies just off-campus will factor into future Public Safety measures was not addressed. Also left unmentioned was the effectiveness of the new university-wide text system (tested again earlier this week) – it may be designed for emergencies, but nothing prevents Public Safety from asking us “Butler Cafe @7:30?”