Bwog’s Costume Contest: The First Responders

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Submissions to Bwog’s Costume Contest are rolling in. Before we pick a winner, check out our favorite entries so far, and rate them yourself in the comments.


Patrick Londen as the Hamburglar.


Lili Gu as Green Man



Lila Neiswanger as a “Generally Badass Mime”



Elizabeth Gemdjian as a pirate



Allonn Brann as Wayne Campbell (of Wayne’s World fame)


Rick Betita as Clippy from Microsoft Word

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  1. wow,  

    that "Clippy" costume is kind of epic. very creative.

  2. nice  

    clippy and hamburglar are sweet

  3. Anyone know

    Wth went down at Havana last night?

  4. these are all good!  

    green man is obviously great, but originality points for clippy and hamburglar

  5. aww

    props to lili for getting on top of butler!

  6. !???

    how did lili get on top of butler?

  7. Alum

    I vote for Clippy.

    And what's with all the lights on South Field?



  9. omg  

    haha clippy is the best!!!!

  10. i think

    lila should win the awesome makeup award.

  11. clippy!

    don't really understand why the pirate girl is on here (trying/failing to look hot, maybe?) and green man is cool solely due to context (ie being on the roof of butler). Everything else (save clippy) is unoriginal or lazy.

    But clippy is awesome. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that before...definitely badass.

  12. I vote  

    for lila, she looks so cool!

  13. aww lili guuuuuuu  


  14. butler roof  

    do you think lili gu changed into her costume before entering butler or after?

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