PrezBo Takes A (Small) Paycut

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These economic times have been rough on everyone, and even PrezBo’s checkbook is feeling a really tiny bit of heat. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Bollinger took home a sweet $1,380,035 in total compensation during fiscal year 2008. The Chronicle reports that Bollinger’s “pay is $878,975. Benefits include credits for supplemental retirement income that are based on performance and subject to vesting.”

The number is $40,000 (~3%) decline from his total last year of $1.42 million, and his base pay has declined slightly as well. But PrezBo remains the sixth-best compensated private college president in the country, and first among Ivy League presidents (second is Penn’s Amy Gutmann, with a total of $1.23 million). Then again, looking at our fellow Ivies’ endowment troubles, maybe he deserves a few chunks of change.



  1. Math Nazi  

    You're off by a decimal place BWOG.

  2. Nice to know

    we're paying 45000 a year so that Bo can live it up

  3. Ignorance  

    Any graduates taken Stuart Firestein's class called "Ignorance"? If so, care to write a CULPA review about it so we can see what it's about?

  4. hello  

    bwog, can you find out about the raid or stabbing that happened at havana on halloween?

  5. Alum

    A $40K pay cut is 3%, not 0.3%.

    Also, it's worth noting that these figures are for the period from 7/1/07 thru 6/30/08. It's not clear how much, if at all, the economic downturn affected presidents' salaries during that period. Next year's figures should be interesting.

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