1. I don't understand  

    why people are complaining. As long as you ration your dining dollars to buy one granola bar and a slice of pizza for every two days, you should be able to afford a meal from Ferris Booth by the end of the month. And maybe even a cup of yogurt.

  2. Hmm,  

    I can also buy a rather smallish muffin from 212 for $1.99 or get somewhat 50% more muffin for $1.33 from Westside.

    Columbia Dining options are mostly really overpriced. It should be cheaper to eat on campus than off campus, but the current pricing scheme is pushing students to other locations to get food.

  3. Charlotte  

    but the food at Ferris really is better than other places...

  4. clg  

    "reasonable" my ass. pretty much every place in the neighborhood sells what FBC sells for less. AND it's better quality. lol at dining services' utter cluelessness. they could use a good restructuring.

  5. but but but...  

    The burrito station is pretty awesome. 8 bucks for an enormous burrito, chips, and a drink! Not quite Chipotle tasty (which in turn isn't quite "real burrito" tasty), but it's pretty reasonable. Dear Dining Services, this may be why the line at the burrito is always longer (read: there is a line).

  6. umm  


    • columbia  

      has unions??? That explains everything. no wonder having any service performed here is like the auto industry and the UAW

    • no, seriously  

      columbia dining operates at a loss - the exorbitant prices are an effort to (even slightly) recoup that loss

      why does columbia operate its dining hall at a loss when the average meal comes out to be ~$13? bet your ass it's the unions.

      • alumnus

        Here is the ultimate conundrum for whiny college students.

        Do we pay our staff a "living wage" or do we want to have "affordable food"

        It's funny - for all the bitching about Saigon Grill's business practices last year, nobody complained about the costs...

        • saigon

          is actually pretty pricey.

          so your argument doesn't hold.

        • Can you please  


          While it is reassuring to know that the quarter million dollar education got you far enough to identify the color allowing you to post on bwog, and even though it is oh so fun to constantly reassert your superiority over undergrads now that you get no respect in the real world, could you please- for the sake of Frank the scared little freshman making his first bwog post- lay off the endless stream of "real world wisdom" for us whiny college students.

          Grow up. Stop reading Bwog. Graduate.

        • Yet...  

 still read Bwog?

          I'm sorry, but for $50,000 a year, I should not have to pay that much for a salad. Stop pretending that you're one of us whiny college students and go off and live in the real world, please.

  7. Anonymous  

    Yummmm, Taqueria....

  8. you guys clearly

    have never tasted real mexican food if you like the taqueria and your ignorance saddens me.
    The taqueria sucks...Their burritos fall apart the cheese globs together
    It sucks your argument for the taqueria "varun" is wrong please give it a rest

    • Anonymous  

      As a real mexican living here in the states, I can say that I truly appreciate the fact that taqueria uses queso oaxaca in their food. That's why it seems to "clump."

      Don't know what queso oaxaca is, #20? Go back to your suburbs.

      Burritos aren't really mexican to begin with, so why freak out? Oh, and tortillas aren't supposed to be that big to begin with. Don't use that "real mexican food" argument. It's bullshit.

  9. but but but but but...  

    I don't go to brooklyn or wash heights to get mexican food when I go to FBC for the same reason I don't go to John's Pizzeria when I get pizza from Koronet's or Stroko's. Sure, they have better food but that's not the point. Ferris burritos are good for what they compete with in my "I have 30 minutes to eat lunch and nothing in my fridge" criteria.

  10. pizza man

    I hope you are a freshman if you think that John's is the best NYC pizza has to offer. Please do yourself a favor and do some research.

  11. ...  

    you know you could all just buy a few groceries and cook or prep your own food once in awhile...dun dun dun

  12. ...  


    "we're screwing you over! kthxbai!"

  13. Sure  

    Taqueria has gigantic burritos for a pretty reasonable price, but it's totally different from Chipotle. I don't quite know how to describe a Taqueria burrito, but Chipotle burritos are modeled after Mission burritos in San Francisco – albeit, a sterilized assembly-line version of a Mission burrito with all the soul squeezed out of it, but a Mission burrito nonetheless. And if I have a hankering for a taste of home, I'm not going to go to Taqueria when the closest thing to an El Farolito burrito is over at Chipotle.

    And arguing which burrito place is more authentically Mexican is sort of like arguing which instant ramen company is more authentically Chinese.

  14. Just make sure you have  

    It was only a matter of time.

  15. kfc/subway/McDonalds  

    basically my meal plan, probably going to die 10 years before all of you.

  16. Riven

    Little Italy does not really make pizza like it is done in italy. There are better places in the city for that

  17. ur not ur fave band/food  

    the burrito station is disgusting because it's full of gross crunchy rice, they take 4 hours to assemble. the burger i got was run through the (incredibly slow) conveyor pizza oven so it was not even *warm* just underneath the outermost layer. it's disgusting and the prices are horrible. chipotle is great, the best mission style burrito you can get around here. As for the bullshit argument of 'real mexican' vs. 'tex-mex' or 'southwestern' or whatever. Fuck authentic, if it's good it's good.

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