James Franco Admits, It’s Lonely at the Top

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james francoAlumni tipster and Bwog loyalist Ed Hoffman informs us that James Franco has confirmed his exodus from 209 once and for all. After one student accused him of only frequenting the library to check out all the hot young things, poor Franco was forced to study in Dodge, where he had “to sit alone in the dark.”  Hence his move to the inestimably better lit coffeeshops around NYU.

Franco hasn’t been scarred for life by collegiate antics, though — our young scholar also reports that he’s considering heading to New Haven in the near future.  Yale girls are already counting down the minutes.


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  1. way to be...  

    ... heteronormative, bwog.

    Yale, like Columbia, is very queer. "Yale girls and boys" would have been more accurate.

  2. bigger picture  

    Yale, like the rest of the world, is very queer.

  3. Pat Bateman

    Man, why is our university filled with so many faggots (refer to South Park production number 1312)?


    Were we supposed to care?
    poor James Franco,,who is that anyway?
    and everyone knows he goes to the most frequented room in Butler to merely stroke his ego.
    good riddance. go to Yale, no one cares. It's not like he was Spiderman..only second to him.

  5. My Heart  

    What is James Franco's permanent location, Alex?

  6. wait  

    wait, so he studies in the music library in the top floor of dodge?? that's weird... it's not dark there...

    • mus lib employee  

      i practically live in the music library, and I can verify that I have never once seen James Franco set foot in there. Good thing, too - because it's my favorite place to study on campus and I'd hate to see it overrun by oglers.

      Only place I've seen him in Dodge is ordering food from the cafe in the lobby, and that was only once. The man is a phantom.

  7. Harmony Hunter  

    huh so where's harmony and does that have to do with james franco?

  8. i do  

    like that he comes here. But he has to be reasonable about the attention he would get. It's not really going to be any different at Yale.

    He needs to discover the wonders of the nooks and strange study rooms in Butler. I don't think people would have the guts to all crowd into the more obscure rooms on the sixth floor. Also, can't he ask for a study cubicle on the seventh floor?

  9. the world is straight  

    with only 5 queers

  10. hey  

    so who bullied him into leaving? huh? fess up.

  11. damn  

    you guys are bitter. just let the guy be.

  12. aww jamesyy  

    was someone mean to you? come to my room, i'll make you feel better :)

  13. question mark  

    This is baffling. 1) he's not that good-looking 2) he's a mediocre actor. Fame makes girls go crazy.

  14. FAIL!  

    Whoever said that to J.Franc is a complete asshole. Let the man be!

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