Hands Off the Bean

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gfx_051809_coffeepot02Latest addition to the list of rules no one used to care about, but you now cannot break because Columbia is broke: that coffee is for special people only!

An anonymous Computer Engineering student received this email yesterday. (EE stands for Electrical Engineering ; those students got this email via their  listserv as well.)

Dear EE/CE students,

Many of you have been taking advantage of the free coffee in the EE kitchen, Room 1307 MUDD.   Unfortunately, it has gotten to the point where we can no longer allow this.   The area is intended for the use of the EE staff,  faculty, and visitors.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. WTF  

    Engineers need fuel.

  2. history major  

    now i have a reason to go to mudd! nice of them to tell me exactly what room to go to

  3. Jane Says  

    Bean caught stealing?

  4. and she did it just like that  

    when she want some bean and she don't wanna pay for it

  5. inna  

    u know true inna mornin' inna evening!!!!
    see what capitalism does?? now we cannot exploit people for free coffee

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