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Bwog sat down with the latest Columbian to make the rest of his class look bad.

Raph GraybillAll-Amur’can Raphael Graybill (CC ’10) of Great Falls, Montana has recently been awarded the 2010 Marshall Scholarship. Each year, the prestigious award is granted to up to 40 American students of “high ability” to pursue graduate studies in the UK in any discipline. Graybill, a Political Science major, plans to study Political Theory at Oxford University in the fall.

The Marshall Scholarships were founded in 1953 to “commemorate the humane ideals of the Marshall Plan,” and to “express the continuing gratitude of the British people to their American counterparts.” Two other CC seniors, Mike Tannenbaum and Susanna O’Kula, were among the finalists for the award this year. This is the fourth year in a row that a Columbia student has been named a Marshall Scholar. Past scholars include Paul Sonne (CC ’07), Emma Kaufman (CC ’08) and Sam Daly (CC ’09).

Graybill’s studies at Columbia have been focused on the intersection between politics, psychology, and communication. “I’ve been lucky to learn under the best Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology faculties in the world,” says Graybill; “I am eager to apply what I’ve learned both as a student and as a practitioner of politics to future work in political theory at Oxford.”

“I feel very honored – and very humbled – to receive such a great opportunity to study in the United Kingdom. I’m happy to be able to represent Columbia in winning a Marshall scholarship, and proud to represent Montana as well (historically one of the least represented states in Marshall winners). I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dean Pippenger and Meg Roach in the Fellowships office, my recommenders, Columbia faculty, and loving family and friends. I’m also excited that Oxford has a ski team (who would have thought?).”

Graybill, former captain of the Ski and Snowboard Racing Club, famously led the team’s attempt to build a ski jump on the Low Library steps last year.

Unlike most, Graybill seems to have given quite a bit of thought to his Political Science major. Some of his lesser accomplishments include being elected by the statewide delegate convention to represent Montana for Obama at the Democratic National Convention in 2008, and working for the Coordinated Campaign of Montana’s Democratic Party. This past summer, he was a summer associate at the US Senate Finance Committee’s majority staff working with trillions of dollars on health care reform. He is also currently an Auxiliary Police Officer for the NYPD’s 26th Precinct. Sky-high connections and a bullet-proof vest… you know, no big deal.

At Oxford, Graybill will be pursuing an MPhil in Politics (Theory). He is primarily interested in how information—and mass media as a conduit of information—affects perception, opinion, and political action. “The past 30-50 years have seen dramatic changes in how media influence and shape politics,” he says, “and I’m interested in thinking through how political scientists and practitioners of politics alike can think through this new information landscape.  How has the structure of politics changed? How does this affect substance? Is there an ethical dimension to mass mediated politics?”

Graybill is currently unavailable for further comment, as he is in Seattle interviewing for the Rhodes scholarship. However, once he finally finishes school, Graybill says he “is interested in opportunities in government and public service”—indeed, rumor has it that after Oxford he plans to run for office in Montana. Did I hear Graybill for president?

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  1. average joe

    holy shit that is an extensive CV

  2. Dave Salant  

    Congrats Raph! An incredible accomplishment for a very deserving dude.

  3. ...

    I would place a $1000 bet that he'll either be a US congressman or US senator by the time he's 40.

  4. just sayin'  

    he is a stud!

  5. Rob  

    Congrats to this guy. But Bwog, you're taking the prestige-worship a little too far here. Part of it's facetious (Graybill for president), sure, but when it's early-PBK induction time it becomes clear that this is a deep-rooted thing that spans many generations of Bwog editors.

    • Hip Hip  

      Hooray! This kid accomplished something, and the least we could do is give him an electronic pat on the back.

      So Bwog, keep up the prestige-worship. When PBK is announced (or Valedictorian or VShow cast), put it all over the website. We should celebrate each other's achievements.

  6. Sean Udell  

    Congrats, Raph! Best [and most politically accomplished] ski team captain ever!

  7. Surfin' UWS  

    I...err...I wrote an article for the Fed last year.

  8. nbd

    what a babe. a total babe.

  9. Wow

    I actually have a class with Raph, and I have to say that he totally deserves this. He is one of the smartest undergrads I've encountered at Columbia, and he doesn't brown-nose like one of the other Marshall finalists. Congrats.

  10. i wonder  

    if he puts out?

  11. CC '10  

    A very deserving scholarship recipient. Well done, Raph.

    I'm also happy that it wasn't one of the other finalists mentioned in this article, who fits the cut-throat ivy league stereotype a bit too well for my liking. I remember her outright lying to a professor about another high-achieving classmate, claiming that the other had called a class function stupid.

    Whoa got carried away there. Excuse the negativity. Again, congrats, Raph.

  12. raph

    is super cool...he deserves this every bit!

  13. poli sci sci major

    raph is the single #1 smartest student i have ever encountered at columbia.

    not exaggerating. really.

  14. Breaking News

    Raph wins the Rhodes as well. When was the last time someone from Columbia did that?

  15. this kid  

    is going places

  16. Just like most Politicians

    Morally deficient

  17. If only

    the type of person you were on the inside factored in at all

  18. The next ....

    President? I'm sure he'll be more like Bill Clinton than Obama

  19. You're all jealous  

    Congratulate him and shut up. It is a great achievement, and he must be really smart. We're all on the same team anyways.

  20. raphisadouche  

    i have a class with this kid and he is a pretentious douchebag with bad acne.

  21. Not impressed  

    "...rumor has it that after Oxford he plans to run for office in Montana. Did I hear Graybill for president?"

    Oh, super... a young mandarin with a sense of mission, the benighted folk of Montana his first intended stepping stone to a bright political career as mover-shaker in the Beltway. Such a shame Cecil Rhodes' legacy is awarded to bright parasites such as this kid. Where are the awards for the aspiring physical scientists and others who don't declare their intent to lie for a living?

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