(Almost) TurkeyTaste, Vol. II: Nussbaum and Wu

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The second in Bwog Poultry Pundit David Hu’s serialized quest for the mythical Thanksgiving sandwich.

334_NussbaumWebsitePics_005Meal Two: Friday, November 20, 2009. 6:14pm

Capri Panini from Nussbaum and Wu

I continue my search for the elusive Thanksgiving sandwich in Morningside Heights. I’ll cop to disappointment–many places have said they do not have any special seasonal sandwiches or carry the traditional “day-after-Thanksgiving-leftovers sandwich.” Poseurs.  So I settle for the Capri Panini from Nussbaum and Wu, featuring turkey and pepperoni, to help settle my turkey day craving.

But no such luck. The flavor of the pepperoni nearly overtakes the turkey; it doesn’t even feel like Thanksgiving anymore. The spinach seems a little overcooked as well, and I don’t even know why they sprinkled lettuce around the panini instead of putting it between the bread. Overall, it wasn’t a very good meal to get one into the Thanksgiving mood–just too much pepperoni.  I think I hear pilgrims rolling over in their graves.

But wait! What’s this? Nussbaum, you never fail me! As I move toward the checkout, I spot little slivers of turkey cut into cute turkey-shaped pieces! Thanksgiving (and justice) will in fact be served! As I finish my “pepperonini,” I look forward to tasting some true turkey tonight.

But no such luck, once again. Disappointment, once again. Turns out it’s not a turkey, but a peacock. Little bursts of colorful sweets explode in my mouth. Instead of turkey.

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  1. name  

    doesn't kitchenette have a delicious thanksgiving turkey sandwich?

  2. Matt

    The best Thanksgiving sandwich in the city is "Thanksgiving on a Roll" at Chat N' Chew off Union Square.

  3. asdf  

    P&W has a sandwich called the "Bethy Poo" or "Bessy Poo" or something. It's turkey with cranberry sauce, sprouts, and maybe something else. Very good.

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