Raphael Graybill, Rhodes Scholar

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UPDATE: Sources close to Graybill say he will accept the Rhodes scholarship.

Raphael Graybill (CC ’10), fresh off receiving a Marshall Scholarship yesterday, was today named a Rhodes Scholar. Graybill will pursue the M.Phil. in Political Theory at Oxford while you continue to underachieve.  Bwog salutes you, Mr. Graybill–and we’re first in line to endorse you in 2024.

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  1. a friend  

    he is basically an intellectual rockstar. we're all really proud! :)

  2. Samantha

    I salute you, Mr. Graybill. Mothers everywhere will throw their daughters before you.

  3. columbia

    grossly overrated

  4. wahoo!  

    congrats on the dual unbelievable achievement!

  5. Snowboarder  


  6. Who doesn't

    accept a Rhodes?

    Congrats though!

  7. From Douche Bags everywhere

    Another one of us achieving great things....


  8. congrats  

    and thanks for making me feel bad about myself

  9. He's a ginger

    that says it all.

  10. In case you don't watch South Park

    That means he has no soul

  11. bill clinton  

    he doesn't deserve it.

  12. Raphael  

    Jeffrey Carlisle is not a ginger. who were the other finalists at Columbia?

  13. Anonymous  

    I wonder how Mike T. is taking all this...

  14. so basically  

    i'm marrying him.

  15. mike tannenbaum  

    Raphael, congratulations. This is a well-deserved honor. I am sorry to see that people are turning this into a forum to say negative things about any of the finalists and winners.

  16. anonymous PoliSci guy

    can I be your Chief of Staff when you're President?

  17. hopefully...

    Hopefully, this guy doesn't become a career politician. Congrats on the huge honors, just don't jump into politics right away so you can be normal first!

    Or am I out of line here?

  18. mike  

    mike tannenbaum is a tool

  19. congrats!  

    Congrats, that's awesome! Definitely a deserving guy.

  20. can spell "journalistic integrity"  

    \Sources close to Graybill\? Really? Couldn't you just say you asked his friends?

  21. can spell "journalistic integrity"  

    Also, what's up with the order of comments?

    11:22pm is listed between 10:43pm and 10:57pm

  22. Anonymous

    this is the most impressive double dip. EVER!

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