Meet the 116th Annual Varsity Show

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_MG_4412Below are the names of the people who will provide you with nonstop humor and campus punditry… while singing! On stage! Congratulations to all.

Here’s the 116th Varsity Show cast:

Alex Hare CC ’13
Ben Russell CC ’12
David Offit GS/JTS ’13
Emily Feinstein BC ’13
Hannah Kloepfer CC ’13
Hillary Kritt BC ’12
**Jenny Vallancourt BC ’11
*John Goodwin CC ’12
*Pat Blute CC ’12
Spencer Oberman GS ’12
Tessa Slovis BC ’13
*Yonatan Gebeyehu CC ’11

* Previously appeared in The 115th Annual Varsity Show
** Previously appeared in The 114th Annual Varsity Show

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  1. Awesome  

    Congrats to all, it's going to be amazing!

  2. wow!

    A JTS student on the V-Show? That's got to be a first. Mazal Tov!

  3. ...  

    Nonstop humor? Last year's show was just nonstop. As in interminable.

  4. Nice, Bwog  

    Way to copy and paste this information--including the picture and the stars designating who's done Vshow before--from the Spec website without attribution.

  5. Holy Shit  

    this is a truly amazing cast! CONGRATS TO EVERYONE.

  6. fo reals?  

    Not a single senior? Really? What's that about? Have all of the former v-show members just gotten sick of it by now?

  7. Really?

    This is just weak. You just copy-and-pasted Spec's article. Do a little research, like you did for the C-Team.

    • James Downie  (Bwog Staff)  

      Actually, both outlets copied/pasted the same email the V-Show sent to both outlets early Sunday morning. We'll try to update the post with more info soon.

  8. Hillary  

    Hey, why did you delete my previous comment about copying and pasting this information from the Spec without attribution? If you didn't copy it, then say so—I just think it's fishy that these names are starred in the same way that the Spec starred them to indicate who had been in the Varsity Show before, since the Spec's notice was published last night at 7:20 PM.

    Addressing criticism is a much better policy than pretending it doesn't exist.

  9. and  

    this is not a good looking cast. but i guess you can't tell from 200 ft back in the auditorium.

  10. damn  

    wow no 2010'ers, nor SEAS.

  11. Hannah  

    is CC '13, not '12.

  12. 3B4  


  13. sweet deal  

    diverse cast. yeah, I said it.

  14. yeah  

    Putney School represent!

  15. anonymous  


  16. Hahaha  

    I love how the age distribution of the V-Show gets younger and younger every year, as the whole rotten fiasco continually loses prestige and respect in the theatre community. When you audition you are signing on for 100%, full-time commitment, but you have no idea if the show will be okay (at best) or a complete disaster (at worst) -- so why bother? Most, if not all, seniors realize this.

  17. ...  

    VShow is generally not too popular amongst seniors because it basically requires selling your soul for an entire semester...not exactly how a lot of people want to spend the second half of their last year of college, especially if you're stuck writing a thesis. Even in 114, only two out of the twelve cast members were seniors.

  18. This cast  

    is full of people who are simply captivating on stage. John, Alex, and Yonatan were each fantastic and commanded audience attention in Bat Boy last weekend, Jenny was simply breathtaking in Dirty Hands, and Pat played one hell of a mean Quigley in last year's Vshow. I can't wait to see all of them in the same production!

  19. Yay!  

    I love Jenny V!!!!!

  20. junior  

    i'd say 2010 is across the board the most talented class on campus. too bad it seems they're over the varsity show. did any seniors even audition? congrats to these youngsters. good mix of new and familiar faces.

  21. Late to the party

    Congratulations to you folks of the 116th Varsity Show (ye who hound the bwog posts even this far in, like me, even now).

    Jenny, John, Yoni, Pat! I love you.

    To the rest...I just cannot wait. What a cast of new faces and old! Wonderful. Drinks are in order. Since this is anonymous, assume that a derelict who happens to shout -Hallelujah!- has written it.

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