The New York Post Doesn’t Care For Your “Facts”

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Everyone’s favorite anti-Columbia tabloid, the New York Post, is back with another swipe at Alma Mater. In an article entitled “Schools’ Iran $$ Pipeline,” the Post reports that “anti-Israel, pro-Iran university professors are being funded by a shadowy multimillion-dollar Islamic charity based in Manhattan that the feds charge is an illegal front for the repressive Iranian regime.” More specifically, the article claims that the Alavi Foundation, which recently had several of its properties seized by the US government under allegations of being controlled by Iran, “donated $100,000 to Columbia University after the Ivy League school agreed to host Iranian leader and Holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

So far, so provocative…except university officials told Bwog today that the Post‘s implication of a quid pro quo for Ahmadinejad’s appearance was false. In fact, the Alavi Foundation’s grant was awarded to Columbia prior to the invitation of Ahmadinejad, rather than after. University spokesman Robert Hornsby also told the Post that the university was surprised to learn of the foundation’s direct ties to the Iranian government.

Not content with playing around with timelines, the Post then finishes the article with a list of three professors it calls “apologists for the Iranian government.” Obviously, such serious charges merit a check on the ol’ Google machine, right? Or, you know, not. In fact, the first Columbia professor on the list, Hamid Dabashi, wrote in July a long article including such laudatory sentences as “[Ahmadinejad] is so patently transparent that all you have to do is sit through 10 minutes of his charlatanism during the televised presidential debates to see through the rampant lumpenism with which he operates.” Even more irresponsible is the inclusion of a second Columbia professor, Gary Sick. In the real world, Tehran has named Sick “an agent of the CIA,” and the fabricated charges against Columbia grad/professor Kian Tajbakhsh are in part based on Sick’s contact with Tajbakhsh.

Somehow, we doubt there’s an apology forthcoming.



  1. Thank You Bwog!  

    When we need a fast fact-check, you're there! Keep up the good work.

  2. professor dabashi

    an apologist for the iranian government? "no way, dude." oh nypost, why do you suck so much?

  3. allegations..

    of some shadowy conspiracy on the part of Columbia/the Iranian government are clearly far-fetched and ludicrous, but the allavi foundation's ties to the iranian government are not. if columbia wants to save itself a great deal of grief (and do the morally correct thing), it should send the $100,000 back and be done with the situation.

  4. yo bwog  

    Apparently our faculty have been studying something that truly matters to most of us...what our sushi actually is. Guess what? The tuna's not tuna. And you are killing the environment.

  5. so  

    sick of this religion and politics-based, negative feedback-style brainwashing.. if anything the zionist, pro-israel, aipac-backed factor wields much more power not only in columbia but all of NY and everybody knows it. why oh why nyp must you keep misleading the gullible, unknowledgeable lower/middle classes that actually take you seriously?

    • the only thing

      gullible my misinformed, misrepresented, and misaligned friend, is the obtrusive comment on the "zionist, pro-Israel, aipac-backed" conspiracy theories you enjoy throwing around for your anti-semitic purposes.

      listen bud, move on with your lame life and find some other blood-libel to complain and scream about. the whole Zionist-conspiracy is getting pretty old...

      • clams  

        wow awesome.. absolutely typical zionist, aipac-style response. nice! thanks for exposing yourself

        in case you forgot this blog is not read by the same kind of people who read the NYP

  6. Agree!  

    To even suggest that AIPAC exists is just like saying the Holocaust didn't. I play the blood libel card as well. Misaligned indeed.

  7. umm

    what does "lumpenism" mean?

  8. Blame?  

    Blame Canada! Blame Canada! surprising, but telling, that the NYP singled out only CU and Rutgers when Alavi records show grants to dozens of universities across the US and Canada.

  9. what's even more telling  

    is who controls academia at Columbia. As a Jew, I can tell you that it's not Muslims. We gotta get over this persecuted minority feeling in Morningside Heights because we took it over already and it just gives other ruling classes an excuse to whine.

    When people think Columbia has some anti-semitic conspiracy, it's like people thinking Obama is a socialist. It's extremely obvious that Columbia is Jewish and Obama is center-right. Peeps is crazay.

  10. There's some discussion about the anti-democratic role that certain pro-Israeli government lobbying groups (and the newspapers like the New York Post that act as their public relations tools) in the USA have been attempting to play on U.S. university campuses since the 1970s in the following Columbia University-related article:

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