TurkeyTaste, Vol. III: Milano, Kitchenette, and Conclusion

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The last part of Bwog Poultry Pundit David Hu’s hunt for the ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich.

Meal Three: Saturday, November 21, 2009. 12:02pm
Cajun Roasted Turkey from Milano

In a twist, I went to Milano for lunch, where, once again, they did not have any special Thanksgiving sandwiches. So I settle on something a little unexpected for the season, the Cajun Roasted Turkey sandwich with turkey, French Brie, and honey mustard.

I have to admit, before I ate the sandwich, I was already a little tired of all the turkey I’ve been having. But the sandwich reminded me why there’s a whole season dedicated to the meat. The sandwich features a good balance of an appreciable amount of turkey with lettuce, tomato, and French Brie. If you want to have a sampling of Thanksgiving in just one bite of a sandwich, this is a great choice.

Still, it’s a lot of turkey. Although I’m personally not complaining, but if you’re sick of turkey already, perhaps you may consider the Capri Panini for a little spice in your pre-Thanksgiving life.

Meal Four: Saturday, November 21, 2009. 8:40pm
Hot Roast Turkey from Kitchenette

Second turkey meal of the day is a perplexing one. Although I ordered “Hot Roast Turkey” from the sandwich menu, what I was handed instead was clearly not a sandwich wrapped in foil, but a box. Inside, I found one slice of bread covered with cornbread stuffing, turkey, and gravy and a little cup of cranberry relish. I think it was missing a slice of bread or something.
Even more turkey
I take a bite of this not-sandwich and am filled with utter joy. Not necessarily because of the turkey (which I am pretty sick of by now), but because I have completed my quest. If there were ever a meal that contains “Thanksgiving in a bite,” it would be this wonder from Kitchenette. Everything from the texture of the turkey to the way the gravy makes a mess reminds me of Thanksgiving. I would highly recommend this to anybody who wants to experience a whole weekend home with their family in a few short minutes.

I finish the meal with a smile, knowing this satisfying meal would be the last turkey I have in a while. At least until Thanksgiving, but that’s a few turkey-free days away.

Meal five: Sunday, Novmeberr2 1, 2009. 2:01am
Spiecy Specal from CrackDel

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  1. Lara

    Cajun roast turkey from Milano is AMAZING. Get it everytime.

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    to review panino sportivo!

  3. Spicy Special  

    The crackdel review made this whole series worthwhile.

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