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Columbia’s newest undergraduate publication, NOW!HERE, a journal of world travel featuring articles, photos and art inspired by the international experiences of Columbia students, is now here. Bwog selects its choice offerings.

How to take a Eurotrip.

Kerouac, sometime Columbian and Spec writer, also wrote travel books.

Margaritas! Clubbing! Tequila! Beautiful People! Piña Coladas! Sex!

Art Hum in real life, plus boiled beef sandwiches.

Best doodle ever.

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  1. Insane  

    These guys are insane, just visited their website: it looks really professional, nothing like all those new budding wannabe journals at Columbia. Looks like it's been around for a while. Great articles, unique personality, want to be a part of it already. Check out a different course:

  2. Also of note

    Is that the journal is run with support from CIRCA, and fueled by the genius of COOP kids.

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