Bwoglines: Armageddon Outta Here

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the-end-is-near-homer-simpson1It’s almost officially Thanksgiving break – Bwog will be on bweak too with only a few posts a day. Enjoy your exoduses!

The Thanksgiving travel rate hasn’t recovered from last year’s little spill, and the cheap early bus was probably filled to the brim yesterday. (Gothamist, NY Times)

If you’re sitting in your dorm room on Thanksgiving night, may we offer you some sandwich meat? (Spec)

A new route with hard-to-turn corners might make the Macy’s Day Parade at least twice as interesting. (Cityroom)

If you’re an international student, you are encouraged to scream “RUN FOR THE HILLS” loudly and frequently as you depart a country where Lou Dobbs thinks he can be president. (HuffPo)

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