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An Apple A Day

Last week outside the new 67th St. Apple Store:

CAVA at 67th Street

Photo by AM

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  • ... says:

    @... CAVA students are on call a lot. we all see them leaving class for emergencies. so if they need to go to the apple store, as a lot of us do, they shouldn’t be scrutinized for it.

  • actually says:

    @actually He he. Bwog, dont listen to the haters, i love this picture.

    they just needed to get down to the opening ASAP no time for the subway.

  • 2150 says:

    @2150 good to know that CAVA is always around no matter where you are!

  • whatever says:

    @whatever i thought this was funny. why NOT post it? they can post other stuff too.

  • terrific headline says:

    @terrific headline that is all

  • uhoh says:

    @uhoh bad sherwin! abusing cava for personal purposes.

  • well says:

    @well they obviously thought they were parking in front of lerner

  • haha says:

    @haha agreed. CAVA helps people. Bwog reports dumb news stories. Get lives guys, or at least good stories.

    1. i'm not sure says:

      @i'm not sure what’s worse… That you think Bwog needs to get a life, or that you apparently don’t have one of your own.

      I mean, why else would you bother reading and commenting on a site you think is stupid?

      1. maybe says:

        @maybe I should work at Bwog. Thank you for resolving my crisis

        1. Well says:

          @Well This obviously is important – Why is a CAVA ambulance down by the apple store – Is this what our money is going to? Having the CAVA students use the ambulance as their personal car? I Call bullshit.

    2. ... says:

      @... it’s thanksgiving sunday. why so high expectations? Spec has updated, what, twice since tuesday?

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Thanksgiving is on Thursday. Just thought I’d chime that in

      2. yeah says:

        @yeah this story is, as the heading says, a week old. Im sure there are better things you could be reporting. Bwog; i read you guys all the time, but what is the point of this story? to my knowledge, inspite of these excursions, CAVA is still one of the fastest EMS responders in NYC. They work for free and save the students of Columbia thousands by transporting for free (Im a CAVA survivor- broken leg). So why give them bad press?

        1. Heh says:

          @Heh It’s only bad press if they were down there for an invalid reason. Besides, this is an amusing photo.

  • come on says:

    @come on the real joke here is Bwog. Don’t guys have better stories to put on your page?

  • I see says:

    @I see hmm, so that’s what CAVA is doing when they’re not on calls.

    waste of gas. and university $.

  • I believe says:

    @I believe CAVA can be dispatched anywhere in the city by NYC EMS. Though it beats me why CAVA would be down there.

  • uhm says:

    @uhm does cava even go that far south? I’m betting a CAVA driver needed to make an apple store appointment…

  • Ben Weiner says:

    @Ben Weiner But…An apple a day…

    1. bcline says:

      @bcline haha Ben.

    2. actually says:

      @actually HAA. youre funny. and talented.

  • nameless says:

    @nameless Someone probably had to be Cava’d out of there when they passed out from the shock of how horrible the new apple store looks in that neighborhood.

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