Well, what do you know!  Alfred Lerner Hall is having a birthday, and you’re all invited!

lerner 10 

It’s been ten years since the much-maligned student center first opened.  There’s no cake, but there’s a banner and several photos from Lerner’s younger years taped to the glass. And praise be, they’re visible from the outside as well, so you don’t have to navigate the ramps to find them.

If you prefer, check out the official Lerner Hall history page.  Highlights include the conceptual sketch that shows a building resembling a corkscrew.


No, that’s not a third grader’s rendering; that’s the real sketch. Also, according to the website, the building won “the American Architecture Award, the New York City AIA Design Award, and Time Best Design of 1999,” plus the “Highest Percentage of First Years Thoroughly Confused Award” for ten years running.

– Photo by JYH