Nope, It’s Not a Joke – It’s Free Cheese!

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DSC_00111The blaring noise and flashing lights weren’t enough – occupants of 209 stood around looking at each other for several minutes before a loud voice told them to “move people!”

On the bright side, Lerner-bound Butler refugees have come across a big free cheese platter in the lobby by 212. Enjoy!

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  1. CC 11  


    In other news, Bored@Butler has been disabled due to the overwhelming number of racist comments and other hate speech:

  2. Anonymous

    B@B is down?! What?!

  3. aww  

    bwog, i love the holiday logo :)

  4. spic here  

    wishing to make you miserable :)

  5. Alum

    Now BWOG, I ask you: Would you rather have free cheese for the rest of your life or free oral sex for the rest of your life?

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