1. cc '08

    camping out there is definitely an experience! I did it one summer for classes. It's very peaceful and quiet but the view is a bit distracting. However, it's cool to be literally looking at another state :-)

  2. no, it's ridiculous

    that lamp has been there for about a week. what's also conveniently missing is the water heater that was there for a while, as well as the carton of milk left there overnight.

  3. Sarah

    in defense of the lamp, the lighting in the lounge is quite dim.

  4. Harmony Hunter  

    yeah i read this and i agree with things that you guys said

    Where is Harmony Hall?

  5. Dear Lamp Girl  

    Yes, that is your name. First you brought the desk lamp. That was fine. The lighting is less than ideal up there. Then came the standing lamp. Sure, whatever. If you want to carry it up there. I'm going to draw the line at bringing your kitchen with you. Presumably your hotpot, milk, and sugar normally stay somewhere between 10 and 150 feet directly beneath you.It's not your damn patio up there. Plenty of us can be all masochistic without making a scene about it.

  6. Solution  

    Remove the lightbulbs, spill the milk on the notes, and melt the plastic water bottle with the hotpot.

  7. sorry but

    i think you're the one who needs to calm down. i've been in that room a lot recently b/c of my 3 papers,'s really not a big deal.

  8. Dear Lamp Girl  

    I feel a little ashamed now, maybe I was too harsh. See you later for some quality studying time!


    After Orgo Night. Sky Lounge. bring rubber.

  10. ive

    reported this to public safety and housing...they should clean it up soon

  11. about time

    Good riddance Lamp Girl!


    She's back, and this time she has GROUPIES. There's a veritable lamp girl trio delighting in their excessive illumination, which one is quite visibly using to better watch Youtube. Because that's not something you could possibly do in your own dorm room instead of taking up public study space.

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