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TFLN_header_bryBored @ Butler is on indefinite hiatus, FML is fast becoming a distant memory, and the short-lived MLIA is only funny for about two minutes.  With such scant options,  Columbia students have decided to take the new frontier of internet procrastination for their own:  Jin Ha, CC ’12, started a Facebook group entitled Texts from Last Night: Columbia.  Although it’s only been in existence for a few days, the prospect of sharing their most embarrassing, explicit texts was simply too tempting for its 599 members.  Columbia hasn’t seen so much sex since the halcyon days of pre-frosh Facebook groups.

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  1. Overheard in New York... my personal favorite.

  2. hey, there's still

    GivesMeHope. :')

  3. Stupid Kids  

    I'm gonna put in fake scandalous texts using a Facebook account with my REAL NAME! No way this'll bite me in the ass!

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