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new-year1In 15 days the decade will end (and no, we do NOT subscribe to the absurd theory that it actually ends in 2010). The idea can be rather shocking for those of us who passed our teen years entirely within the age they call “the noughties.” To get some perspective, Bwog takes stock of what happened this decade:

What departed… and arrived

The West End… Havana Central

Boy bands…

Starbucks boycott… Obama tee

Johnny Depp movies about drugs… Johnny Depp movies for kids

Political correctness… Post-racial politics

Internet-phobic… Twitter-hater

Fast Food Nation… Casual Dining

Friendly New York sitcoms… Mockumentary

Costco… Buy Locally, Think Globally

Garage bands… GarageBand

Big Organic… Fat free

Kyoto Protocol… Home composting

Y2K… 2012

What came and went: thinking of the children, Jeff Sachs, sensitive rock, Bushisms, Salvia.

And what we vivaciously revived: The fedora, opium, Daft Punk, Apple.

Happy nostalgia!

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  1. hahaha  

    jeff over. too bad it took us so long to read that he neoliberalized poland with so-called shock therapy after the fall of the USSR.

  2. ugh

    bwog, these suck. please be less bad and unfunny, like you used to.

  3. I totally  

    revived the fedora trend!!! Retro baby!

  4. ...

    apple revived in 2009? i don't get it, that was like 5-8 years ago.

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