Not-So-Spontaneous Dancing!

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Multiple reports from the 209 front tell Bwog that about 10-30 people just entered 209 and played “YMCA.” A spate of vicious dancing ensued.


Points to the merry pranksters for getting people to play along, with only a few points subtracted for being decked out in what several tipsters called “80s gear” and spandex. Unfortunately, as the original video shows, the Village People weren’t wild for the spandex.

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  1. Yay

    I think they woke up the dude who was sleeping in 209 before...maybe he was a prop the whole time

  2. hey

    These "pranksters" probably meant well, but I just want to punch these kids in the face. This is the reason I can't study in Butler during finals -it's packed with douchebags.

    "Look at all my cans of Red Bull! I'm sitting right next to the trash, but I'll stack my garbage next to me so you'll see how hardcore I am about finals! I won't shower until Christmas Eve...aren't I so quirky? I CAN HAZ BUTTLA GAWGGLZ?!"

    • On behalf of the good guys...

      " 'Look at all my cans of Red Bull! I’m sitting right next to the trash, but I’ll stack my garbage next to me so you’ll see how hardcore I am about finals! I won’t shower until Christmas Eve…aren’t I so quirky? I CAN HAZ BUTTLA GAWGGLZ?!”\' "

      Columbia offers free psychiatric services. When you are finished focusing so hard on your finals...and writing "gawgglz" on Bwog, please pay them a visit.

      On behalf of all things good at Columbia... i.e. - dancing in spandex, 4/20 movie screening, and people getting balls out crazy in the library ... Get some sleep, psycho.

      • hey

        I must be psycho if I want to actually study in a library, right? I'm not against good pranks, but this is not even a prank -just annoying. Where are the people getting balls out crazy in the library? All I see is awkward children looking for attention. The video shows how poorly executed and joyless it was. Maybe the "209 pranksters" should be the ones to visit psychiatric services since this is obviously a cry for help. I hope you get it "good guy".

        • On behalf of the good guys...

          First and foremost, I am writing this message from the shitter.

          Secondly, you said "I CAN HAZ BUTTLA GAWGGLZ?!" ... this is a sure sign that you suck. Immensely. In fact, I hate you already.

          Third, I am done with my finals. Enjoy your 'haz buttla gawgglz'ing, and crying late at night as you watch Cold War-era pornography.

          • Soviet Sodomite  

            I don't really care about this debate, but I'm somewhat aroused by the thought of cold war-era pornography. Is there any still remaining that hasn't been ravaged by countless masterbaters beyond any shred of eroticism?

    • woah  

      war on fun you are.

  3. This is  

    A sign of a change. More moments like this = a more REALISTIC sense of why we're here.

  4. Riven  

    I missed this whole thing by about 2 minutes, and I am not sure if that was a bad thing.

  5. Hooah

    Oh for the days when Columbia had real Butler pranksters:

  6. f the haters

    that's all I got
    well done 209 Pranksters

  7. uggh  

    this is not even funny
    making loud noises in a quiet library, do something original

  8. i dunno  

    those pants on the cop look preeeety tight

  9. can anyone say

    this is the most awkward thing i have ever seen, further solidifying my view that columbia students have no social skils

  10. seriously

    why do people do this when it's funny to no one

  11. Can't please em all...

    This 'prank' had huuuge potential. As the vid shows, it clearly changed course once the initial people involved saw how many others had heard about it, dressed up, and joined in, too.
    This seemingly had two immediate effects once the music came on: first, it caused general a general ruckus (giving off the impression of disarray as the above haters point out), and second, it actually provided a space for students initially getting 'pranked' to stand up and join the fun.

    Fun, now this is a key word here. As several of the comments allude to above, many students do not come to the library to have fun. Perhaps they do not come to Columbia to have fun, either. To say that these students are the actual perpetrators of the War on Fun might be a stretch (conspiracy theorists?!), but they certainly do provide a library atmosphere that is tense and often overbearing. Just yesterday, I saw a dude snap a pencil and death stare a girl whose phone accidentally rang out loud. We all inevitably get sucked into this stressed out, kill people mode during reading week/finals. Anyone who was there last night can attest that the YMCA dancers achieved their goal of breaking that tension and even getting others involved.

    No matter what, though, it is obvious that ya can't please em all.
    A valiant effort nonetheless...

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