Done With Exams? Play Secretary!

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Hartley-Wallach overlord Scott Helfrich has a job for you today:

Are you done with finals and interested in making some extra cash tomorrow morning?  Are you a fast, accurate typist with an eye to perfection?

If you are done with finals (because this should not be a distraction) and are available to type highlighted sections of articles tomorrow morning, I am willing to pay $10 per hour cash.  I have about 10 articles that I would ideally like finished sometime between 12pm and 2pm so I can use more then one person.  Typing the highlighted sections of two articles takes roughly 1 hour.

The email was sent with the just-rubbing-it-in subject line “Done with Finals – Interested in Making Some Extra Money Typing.” Then again, he also seems to think our skill set (at least post-exams) roughly matches that of Joan Holloway. (Photo via Flickr)

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  1. HarmDwell  

    Vampire Weekend's "White Sky" leaked! It sounds like everything else...

  2. wat

    OCR + proofing = done in 20 minutes?

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