1. First photograph:  


  2. First photograph  

    seriously, CC is not that bad. fail.

    • But look,  

      the non CC stack of books is for US Intellecual History. 8-10 page paper plus 12 page take home final. I've been in the stacks for the past 6 days doing it and my desk looked exactly like that. Believe me, that little tree is warranted.

  3. ...  

    i fucking hate these kind of people that feel the need to show everyone that they are "studying" soooooo much.

  4. Anonymous  

    yeah, fuck them

  5. Hey that's  

    Ben Cotton, Spec EIC!

  6. everyone  

    needs to chill the fuck out...studying for 48 hours straight does no good...sleep, eat, take a break...enjoy life and don't make yourselves miserable

    • homeless guy ramble  

      word.. sometimes i just try to imagine as if i'm one of those guys you might read about in a newspaper from like 70 years ago and are like "who is that guy? never ended up hearing of him! must not have mattered, really!" sounds depressing, but really isn't, in fact makes me chill 'cause here's the point: there's nothing really different about living now or then and lot's of people didn't "change the world" or get the best grades; what they might have done, though, is this: been good to themselves, their family, their friends. and in that way they DID change the world, and in a positive way, too

  7. this sucks :(  

    yale, harvard, dartmouth, and princeton ALL finished last week!!! come onnn columbia why are you doing this silly labor day crap to us???

  8. Hey its...  

    Someone else working on this god awful U.S. Intellectual History Paper! Trust me kids, he needs that christmas tree.

  9. actually

    if you're going to rant and rave, make sure you have your facts straight. Harvard is not done with exams.

  10. i spy  

    john taylor's classical mechanics book!

  11. and i spy  

    someone taking Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. come on, did you really need to Butler-down for that class?

  12. this shit  

    makes me want to vomit.

    seriously, Columbia students who bitch and whine incessantly about how much work they have and how stressed they are have no sense of perspective. you're not working the 10pm-4am shift at *insert favorite campus eatery here* to accommodate your "STRESSSSSS", are you? also, note: our friends at liberal arts colleges have about twice the amount of work we do here. the sad truth.

    you live a fucking privileged existence and this is the pinnacle of it. yeah, you're a fucking scholar. woopdy-fucking-doo.

    buckle down, get your shit done, and shut the fuck up.

    • you know

      this sort of self-righteous "i'm surrounded by a bunch of privileged assholes who whine about nothing, while here i am with a real job still getting my work done" rant has been done before. we get it. you hate being surrounded by liberal kids who go to an elite school. Are you a dirt-poor republican who works the graveyard shift at pinnacle? You're at Columbia. There are 19 year old kids running around who are excited about school, and it consumes their lives. that is okay. get over yourself, and if you don't want to be around liberal people who take their studies seriously, get the hell out.

      • wha???  

        non-sequitar much? Associating dirt poor with Republican is just plain stupid (not that dirt poor goes well with Democrat either). Basically its a stupid generalization. Bottom line is there's plenty of people who take school seriously,I count myself among them, probably more than most other schools, but political ideology has ZERO relation. The thing is too many people here care way too much about looking studious, while actually being studious doesn't require all the bullshit that finals season reliably brings every year. It's all an image thing.

        • um...  

          or it's a personal comfort thing. some people like studying/at least pretending to freak out with other columbia students because it gives them an at least superficial sense of community.

          and the point about republicans he/she was making was supposed to be the opposite of the "whiny liberal" caricature

    • Oh come now

      Just admit that you're aroused by the schadenfreude/feelings of superiority and stop being coy

    • Anonymous  

      firstly, none of the above are scholars, they are college students. And yes, while a number of years ago grade inflation was so bad at Columbia there was actually a policy instituted that showed the average grade in a given class (if everyone got an a, we could guess it was nt such a legit a), Columbia College student do work hard and at least as much or more than most liberal arts colleges, save for places like St. Johns, the one in MD and New Mexico both based on the great books program's_College_(United_States)" rel="nofollow">'s_College_(United_States)
      Should also add that my friends at U Chicago, I think they work harder than at Columbia. Its very boring at U of C, and the infrastructure sucks there

  13. Anonymous  


  14. I think you also  

    could use a tiny potted tree on your desk and the subsequent cheer that such miniature version of things have been known to bring

  15. yo  

    is the snowball fight tonight or tomorrow night?

  16. so happy

    i'm not in butler right now.

  17. Anonymous  

    To the girl with the note...

    The paper was flipped over at about 7pm today. Clearly that note was written on Thursday night, and no one had returned by 6pm on Saturday.

    So if your shit is at security...too bad?

  18. Dear bwog  

    Dear bwog, I think the potted tree would be more appropriate in black and white.

  19. I have

    never seen a more attractive photo of Ben Cotton.

  20. lmao '11  

    Butler is absolutely disgusting at this point in the term. Avoid it like the plague and study in your room, or in Avery.

  21. Can't we

    Just be Friends? We've all got a lot of work to do, and when we're done, we can all look forward to some time off. Peace happiness and love Happy Holidays to all

  22. Anonymous  

    the first two pictures = Blake and Blaer.. two great professors, the only redeeming quality of this wretched semester

  23. Lost in Butler...

    My friend accidentally left her ring on the counter in the 3rd floor women's bathroom in Butler around 2pm on Sunday. She went back for it about 20 minutes later and it was not longer there.

    It's silver and white gold (in a braided coil style pattern). It has a lot of sentimental value (it's her engagement ring). If it's found, please email her [email protected] or call 914-434-1550.

  24. anon  

    haha, i just removed this girl's stuff from the reference room, and when she came back three hours later, tried to kick me, to which i grunted, go f yourself

  25. Anonymous  

    There is this guy in butler who is literally walking around the 3rd floor in his socks, I mean, sure, it maybe somewhat doable to take off ones shoes when one is sitting down, but prancing around all over the 3rd floor???!!!! (we need bored at butler for the airing of such concerns )

  26. Anonymous  

    Its this group of gs, or grad students, a certain look about them, slender, but foreign, but of course not too eastern, just a tad...but their entire character makeup is part of a type, havent spied them enough to exactly pigeonhole them, which wont be hard to do, but the two men love to walk around butler in their socks, unless they are on an outing for something such as the primal scream. Please see a very soon to be added post on the phoniness of the primal scream and why those who engage in it are totally inauthentic and should quit school immediately

    • What are you smoking?  

      Ah... playing the "Vague Aspersion" card in the latest round of the old "Not the College, not Columbia" game, I see: "a certain look about them," "their entire character makeup is part of a type": certainly, these must be some of those creepy GS or GSAS people we hear about. Thanks for your diligence, comrade!

      Did you check for big noses? Because you can be sure that they must have been GS/JTS! Zionists in stocking feet! Oh noes!

  27. Missed an opportunity  

    He brought a potted plant, when the invite clearly said a _pot_ plant. He blew it.

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