A Winter’s Thanks

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bwogDear readers,

With the end of the exam period and the holiday season, Bwog is officially moving into winter break mode. Stick around, though: we’ll be updating the blog, of course, and announcing next year’s editorial staff in a few days.

More importantly, we want to thank our readers for another successful semester. Students often complain that Columbia lacks a sense of community, but we hope that group events like the snowball fights and features like the staff profiles have given everyone a chance to get at least a little closer during the semester. And, at the very least, without all of you readers keeping us honest through your comments, Bwog would not be what it is today. Thanks again.


James Downie, Bwog Editor, and the rest of the Bwog staff

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  1. A Fan

    Nice work this year, Mr. Downie and co!

  2. Another Fan

    And thank you Bwog staff for keeping us reliably informed about important campus issues and events and for all you've done to bring a sense of community to Columbia.

  3. Thanks

    Thanks BWOG for another great semester! Downie- you're the best.

  4. bwog

    is the columbia community. thanks!

  5. Anonymous

    Who cares who's on your editorial staff? Not I

  6. More Importantly

    If Jimmy cracked corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him? Somebody must care...

  7. Bwog  

    Is a funny word and I feel as though people have forgotten that.

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