SN004836In response to our queries and our recent two posts, the Barnard administration has sent Bwog an expedient justification of the new meal plan. Here’s the comment we received:

Since the demolition of McIntosh, the College has struggled with the reality and perception of community on our campus.  At the same time, we have received an increased amount of feedback from upperclass students who live in the Quad (specifically Junior and Senior students) that the required unlimited meal plan is not at all conducive with their on and off campus commitments.  With those scenarios in mind, the goal of the campus-wide mandatory meal plan program is to strengthen the campus community.

We hope to accomplish that by:

  1. Providing more avenues for students to engage in communal dining with the opening of the Diana Center.
  2. Ensuring the vibrancy of the Diana Center through a constant flow of traffic and interaction.
  3. Providing additional flexibility to students as their class, internship and work schedule changes with their class year.
  4. Providing convenient ways for students to use their meal plan points on campus – e.g. meal plan points can be used in Hewitt, the Diana Center, convenience store (online for FA 2010), Liz’s Place (soon to be formerly known as Java City), etc.
  5. Paying attention to the ongoing transitional status of sophomores, and continue to include some level of meals for them to support the contrast of the social networking that takes place during the first-year and ways to keep them connected as sophomores

…By the way – I saw on the Bwog that there was some confusion with regard to whether the cost per meal plan was per semester or for the academic year, and the cost described in Dean Denburg’s email is per semester.


Annie Aversa
Associate Dean of Campus and Residential Life
Barnard College