ruthHey now, it looks like we’re created enough noise to attract the attention of Dr. Ruth, renowned sex therapist. In a recent article written for the New York Post, she gets in on the action (in a manner of speaking) and shares her thoughts on the recent developments involving coed dorms at Columbia. She criticizes the proposed policy and calls it a “handicap” in the process of young people discovering themselves. She claims that it will make students who “do not have steady partners are going to feel bad.” …As if they don’t feel bad already.

Dr. Ruth’s alternative solution? “Set aside some rooms with locked doors where students can go to have a couple of hours of privacy.” An intriguing idea, to be sure, until you consider how these rooms would be cleaned, and the sheer psychological grossness of some other couple waiting outside for you to finish. As a suitemate of the Bwog Editor put it, “it’s like music practice rooms: nice in theory, but you can still hear them.”

But hey, maybe if we gain enough attention, we’ll get other forms of advice from her too.